Japan has made a very dangerous move: Defense spokesperson

Ministry of National Defense
Lin Congyi
2022-07-26 22:20:11

Reporter: The Japanese government released the Defense of Japan 2022 white paper on July 22, in which China’s defense policy and military build-up is described as “with insufficient transparency”. The white paper accused China of attempting to unilaterally change the status-quo in the East and South China Seas, and significantly increased Taiwan-related contents. What is your comment on that?

Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson for China’s Ministry of National Defense: The China-related contents in the Defense of Japan 2022 white paper lacks respect for facts and is full of prejudice, which makes irresponsible remarks about China’s national defense and military development, as well as China’s normal military activities, deliberately hypes up the so-called “China military threat”, interfering China’s internal affairs in a rude manner, and creates regional tensions. China has expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to such wrongful statements, and lodged solemn representations with the Japanese side.

China is unswervingly committed to the path of peaceful development, and follows a national defense policy that is defensive in nature, as well as a military strategy of active defense. China’s efforts to strengthen its national defense and military development is aimed at safeguarding its national sovereignty, security and development interests, and doing a better job in providing public security products to the international community. The history has proved and will continue to prove that Chinese military is always a staunch force in maintaining world peace. In contrast, instead of making self-reflection and learning the lessons of history, Japan has been engaged in raising groundless accusations against China, plotting to amend its pacifist constitution, significantly increasing defense expenditure, developing offensive combat capabilities, and attempting to break through the postwar international order. Japan’s moves have aroused serious concern and heightened vigilance of the international community, including China.

The Taiwan question is purely China’s internal affair that brooks no foreign interference. Compatriots living on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will never forget that Japan once forcibly occupied Taiwan via war of aggression, and committed countless crimes during its colonial rule over the island province of China. Japan bears unshirkable historical guilt to the Chinese people. Japan’s interference into the Taiwan question through its defense white paper seriously violates the basic norms governing international relations, breaks the solemn commitment it has made to China in regard to the Taiwan question, damages the political foundation of China-Japan relations and intensifies the regional tension in the Taiwan Strait, which is completely wrong and extremely dangerous.

The Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China’s inherent territory. Therefore, it is legitimate for China to conduct patrol and law-enforcement activities in the waters around the Diaoyu Island, and the Japanese side has no ground to accuse China. China has undisputable sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea and their adjacent waters, and always respects and protects the freedom of navigation and over-flight enjoyed by all countries in the South China Sea with accordance to the international laws. Japan, who is not a party to the South China Sea issue, chooses to echo with American’s move in this issue to sow discord and stir the pot. To conduct such irresponsible behaviors, the Japanese side surely has ulterior motives. Chinese military has determination, capability and confidence to safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, defend the country’s maritime rights and interests, and protect regional peace and stability.

We urge the Japanese side to face up and reflect on its history of aggression, stop confusing the international community by disguising itself as a victim, stop making wrong statements and behaviors on related issues, and take responsible attitudes and concrete actions to earn trust from its Asian neighbors and the international community.


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