Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Fu Cong on the UN Security Council Draft Resolution on Gaza Ceasefire

Permanent Mission of PRC to UN
Li Jiayao
2024-06-11 11:01:37


The conflict in Gaza has lasted over eight months, killing more than 37,000 Palestinian people and leaving over 2 million people in an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. Israel’s massive offensive against Rafah and its attacks on the Nuseirat refugee camp over the past two days have caused additional major casualties.

Facing such a human tragedy, the international community reached an overwhelming consensus long ago. Both the General Assembly Emergency Special Sessions and the Security Council have adopted multiple resolutions which contain clear-cut provisions, namely an immediate, unconditional and lasting ceasefire, the immediate release of all hostages and Palestinian detainees, the guarantee for unimpeded and adequate humanitarian relief into Gaza and its timely delivery to those in need, the protection of civilians, and accountability for acts in Gaza in breach of international humanitarian law.

The US leader announced on May 31 the Gaza ceasefire proposal. Then, the US submitted a draft resolution to the Security Council, urging both Israel and Hamas to accept the ceasefire proposal and fully implement its terms without delay and without condition.

By common sense, if the parties concerned reach an agreement first, which is then followed by the Council's action of endorsement, such a course of action would be more appropriate. However, if the Council's action is conducive to reaching an agreement and conducive to the immediate realization of a permanent ceasefire, such an action would still be a positive one.

Based on the views of Council members, the sponsor has revised the draft resolution. However, the draft is still ambiguous in quite a number of aspects. We still have valid concerns about whether the parties concerned will accept the ceasefire proposal and whether the transitions among the three phases can be carried out smoothly. Meanwhile, we have noted that the proposal says if the negotiations take longer than six weeks for phase one, the ceasefire will still continue as long as negotiations continue, and relevant parties are ready to work to ensure negotiations keep going until all the agreements are reached. The sponsor has also indicated that Israel has accepted the ceasefire proposal. Our understanding is that as long as a ceasefire is achieved, no more fighting will be launched again. The immediate realization of a permanent ceasefire has been the strong appeal of China and other Council members for months. And this has been the most desperate aspiration of Gaza civilians in deep sufferings. From the perspective of the urgent need to stop more killing and to alleviate humanitarian catastrophe, China voted in favor of the draft resolution.


All Council resolutions are legally binding. The resolution just adopted is equally binding as Council Resolution 2712, 2720, and 2728. All of them should be implemented in a comprehensive and effective manner. We hope that the sponsor will work sincerely in an impartial and responsible manner to push for the immediate realization of a permanent ceasefire. China will work with all parties to push for an early ceasefire in Gaza and bring the Palestinian-Israeli issue back to the right track of the two-State solution as early as possible.

Thank you, President.

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