Chinese military slams US warship's transit through Taiwan Strait

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2024-01-25 14:45:01

BEIJING, Jan. 25 -- The US destroyer USS John Finn sailed through the Taiwan Strait on January 24 and hyped it up. Army Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesperson for the Chinese PLA Eastern Theater Command, slammed such provocative move in a written statement released on Wednesday.

"The troops of the Chinese PLA Eastern Theater Command tracked and monitored the US warship's transit in the whole course and handled it according to law and regulations," said the spokesperson.

He pointed out that recently, the US military has frequently carried out provocative acts to maliciously undermine regional peace and stability. He stressed that the troops of the PLA Eastern Theater Command remain on high alert at all times to resolutely defend China's sovereignty and security as well as regional peace and stability.

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