China announces countermeasures against U.S. defense corporations and individuals

Lin Congyi
2024-05-23 00:10:51

China on Wednesday announced countermeasures against 12 U.S. defense corporations and 10 U.S. individuals, according to China's Foreign Ministry.

The action follows U.S. "indiscriminately imposing unlawful unilateral sanctions on a number of Chinese entities on the basis of so-called Russia-related factors," the ministry said in a statement.

China said the U.S. had ignored China's objective and impartial position in the Ukrainian crisis, and had instead "engaged in unilateral bullying and economic coercion."

The ministry said the U.S. has also continued to sell arms to China's Taiwan region, which "seriously violates" the one-China principle and the joint communiques between China and the U.S., and seriously undermines China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The measures, which include freezing assets in China and banning senior executives from entering the country, took effect from Wednesday, the ministry added.

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