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China, Guyana celebrate 45th anniv. of diplomatic ties
Ma Peihua (R) attends a reception to mark the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and the Republic of Guyana with Bayney Karran, ambassador of the Republic of Guyana to China, in Beijing, capital of China, June 27, 2017.
06-28 08:42:11
Hong Kong citizens feel stronger national identity 20 years after returning to motherland
Hong Kong now witnesses a closer cultural bond with the Chinese mainland, 20 years after its return to the motherland. Its citizens also have a stronger sense of national identity.
06-27 22:28:43
China to launch Long March-5 Y2 in early July
China has set the window to launch its Long March-5 Y2 carrier rocket between July 2 and 5, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.
06-26 17:10:37
China races to save landslide victims
Over 3,000 rescuers are searching for at least 118 people trapped under rocks and mud by a landslide in southwest China's Sichuan Province.
06-25 21:59:05
Palace Museum honors farmer who donated rare cultural relics
A memorial service was held in the Palace Museum in Beijing on Thursday to pay tribute to a farmer who donated rare cultural relics to the museum, reported thepaper.cn.
06-23 22:37:34
Draft law bans using national anthem in ads, private funerals
A draft law, unveiled on Thursday, said that the national anthem should not to be used in advertisements, trademarks and background music in public places.
06-22 22:12:10
China donates 100,000 bags of relief food for drought-hit Kenya
China on Wednesday officially handed over the first batch of 100,000 bags of relief food to Kenya for distribution to hunger-stricken citizens.
06-22 08:58:04
Egypt unveils China-made multi-purpose supply vessel, largest in Mideast
Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Mohab Mamish on Wednesday raised the Egyptian flag on the largest multi-purpose supply vessel in the Middle East, which is made in China.
06-21 08:56:49
12-year-old heroine saves father from tip of knife
Some children may be coddled by their parents, but this 12-year-old girl acted courageously to save her father from being besieged by rampaging gangsters.
06-18 22:07:58
Sparsely populated regions in northwestern China see population density growth
Eighty years after Chinese geographer Hu Huanyong drew a line to separate the sparsely populated northwest of China from the densely populated southeast, a remote-sensing report observed significant population density growth in the west.
06-17 22:51:31
China's quantum satellite establishes photon entanglement over 1,200 km
A team of Chinese scientists have realized the satellite-based distribution of entangled photon pairs over 1,200 kilometers. The photon pairs were demonstrated to be still entangled after travelling long distances.
06-16 13:50:43
China launches space telescope to search for black holes, pulsars
China launched its first X-ray space telescope to observe black holes, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts, via a Long March-4B rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China's Gobi Desert at 11 a.m. Thursday.
06-15 14:58:11
Thais hope Thailand-China rail project to be launched soon
Many Thais recently expressed their hope to see the construction of Thailand-China railway project begin sooner as Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has confirmed that his "absolute power" bestowed by 2014 interim constitution would be used to push the project forward.
06-15 14:55:53
Chinese diplomat highlights "community of shared future for mankind" in promoting human rights
The head of the Chinese Mission to UN at Geneva Ma Zhaoxu on Wednesday said countries should work together to build a community of shared future for mankind to promote the international human rights cause.
06-15 08:38:30
Ukrainian researchers highly value scientific cooperation with China
Researchers at Ukraine's Paton Institute of Electric Welding highly value the cooperation with Chinese institutes and enterprises, a senior official of the institute said here on Tuesday.
06-14 08:32:19