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China Focus: Beijing new airport to test run in October 2019
Beijing's new international airport will start test operation in October 2019, local officials have said.
01-19 08:49:04
China's first national park to open in 2020
China's first national park in the Sanjiangyuan area will open in 2020, the administration bureau said Wednesday.
01-19 08:54:06
China, Myanmar to jointly conduct oceanographic research
Chinese research vessel Xiang Yang Hong 03, carrying a team of scientists, arrived at Myanmar's Thilawa Port Wednesday morning to jointly conduct oceanographic research in Myanmar's waters.
01-19 08:21:03
Donations flood in for Yunnan schoolboy
An 8-year-old boy from rural Zhaotong, Yunnan province, has received donations of more than 10,000 yuan ($1,500) from all over the country as of Monday.
01-16 15:44:53
China Coast Guard vessels patrol Diaoyu Islands
Three China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels conducted a patrol in territorial waters off the Diaoyu Islands Monday, according to an online statement by the State Oceanic Administration.
01-15 15:04:27
China takes emergency measures for nationals injured in Thailand's speedboat explosion
China's tourism authority said Sunday it has initiated an emergency plan to help Chinese nationals injured in a speedboat explosion in Thailand.
01-15 08:33:27
China to ease investment access to aviation industry
China will make it easier for state and private enterprises to invest in its fast growing civil aviation industry from Jan. 19, but retain the state’s grip over key airlines and airports in sensitive regions.
01-14 21:08:53
China sends twin BeiDou-3 navigation satellites into space
China on Friday sent twin satellites into space on a single carrier rocket to help its BeiDou system provide navigation and positioning services to countries along the Belt and Road by late 2018.
01-12 17:40:15
Anti-graft supervisory reform set
A key meeting of the country's top discipline watchdog, scheduled to open on Thursday, will further consolidate China's anti-corruption efforts and push forward the reform of the supervisory system, experts said.
01-11 08:09:17
China, Thailand eye closer cooperation
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with his Thai counterpart Prayut Chan-o-cha here on Wednesday, and both sides vowed to further promote bilateral cooperation.
01-11 08:46:55
China pledges to promote cooperation with Vietnam
China is willing to work with Vietnam to push bilateral cooperation to achieve more outcomes, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said here Wednesday.
01-11 08:44:37
China will maintain cooperation with Laos: premier
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said here Wednesday that China will maintain cooperation with Laos to bring more benefits to the two countries.
01-11 08:43:40
China's DNA database targets missing kids, criminals: security expert
China's DNA database mainly targets criminals and locating missing people, and is "in accordance with the law," experts said Tuesday.
01-10 08:29:09
Top science award winners to use prize money for research
Two Chinese scientists who won China's top science award have both promised to donate their prize money of 5 million yuan each to research.
01-09 18:08:16
China's underwater glider completes Indian Ocean, S.China Sea missions
China's underwater glider successfully ended its mission to the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, and a Chinese expert said other countries should rationally view China's deep sea explorations.
01-05 08:21:04
China’s ban on imported waste to have huge impact on global recycling industry
China has officially banned its four-decade long practice of importing foreign garbage in 2018, a move experts believe will promote more sustainable ways to dispose of and recycle waste worldwide.
01-03 22:16:36