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China launches three commercial remote sensing satellites
China launched three remote sensing satellites at 12:50 p.m. Tuesday from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north China's Shanxi Province.
11-21 17:19:32
China delivers 1,000 tons of rice to Syria in food aid
A total of 1,000 tons of rice donated by China has been delivered to Syria's northwestern city of Latakia, the Chinese Embassy in Damascus said in a statement Monday.
11-21 08:22:13
China to launch four new weather satellites before 2021
China plans to put four more Fengyun-3 meteorological satellites into orbit between 2018 and 2021, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC) announced Wednesday.
11-15 15:34:41
China, Germany celebrate 45 years of diplomatic relations
Qiangba Puncog, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of China's NPC, and German Ambassador to China Michael Clauss unveil commemorative stamps during a reception celebrating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany
11-15 08:41:40
Chinese veteran of expeditionary force dies at 94
Nie Zhengchao, who fought with the Chinese Expeditionary Force during the war against Japanese aggression, died at the age of 94 in his home in Tengchong, Yunnan Province, on Saturday.
11-14 08:20:17
China to get a third telescope for Antarctic observations
Chinese scientists said on Sunday that China will add a third Antarctic Survey Telescope (AST3) to the South Pole array to observe gravitational waves, and introduce more equipment for its observation work.
11-13 10:28:54
China dominates list of world's top supercomputers again
Once again, China dominated a new list of the world's fastest supercomputers, not only taking the top two seats, but also pulling ahead of the United States in the sheer number of systems being used.
11-14 09:03:00
Chinese-made aircraft delivered to Pacific Island nation
A Chinese-made Y-12E aircraft was delivered to the Federated States of Micronesia, an island nation on the Western Pacific, on Friday.
11-10 15:07:50
China and US sign $9 billion in business deals during Trump's visit to Beijing
Chinese and US companies signed a 9 billion-US dollar business deal during the visit by President Donald Trump on Wednesday.
11-09 09:07:21
China, Finland agree to further advance bilateral ties
China and Finland on Monday agreed to further lift bilateral ties through pragmatic cooperation and enhancing exchanges between legislative bodies.
11-07 08:29:22
Egypt, China vow to promote comprehensive strategic partnership
China is willing to deepen pragmatic cooperation with Egypt in all fields to push forward the comprehensive strategic partnership, Special Envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Education Minister Chen Baosheng said here on Monday.
11-07 08:32:10
Experts call for more direct flights between China, Britain
A call was made Monday for priority to be given to more direct airlinks between Britain's northern England and China.
11-07 08:30:13
China's State-owned railway company to help construct Moscow subway
China's State-owned railway company will participate in Moscow's subway construction, the first time Russia has entered into a joint venture with a foreign company in subway construction.
11-03 08:31:13
Britain, China working to scale up green finance
A partnership between government-backed green finance initiatives in Britain and China has made a number of recommendations in a report that will help grow green finance across the globe, said a press release from the City of London Wednesday.
11-02 08:51:32
China, Russia agree to advance pragmatic cooperation
Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and Russian Deputy Prime Minster Dmitry Rogozin on Monday agreed to expand cooperation.
10-31 09:14:32
China, U.S. pledge pragmatic cooperation in drug prohibition
China and the United States agreed on cooperation in drug prevention at an anti-drug intelligence sharing meeting in Beijing on Monday.
10-31 09:33:02