China wins unmanned ground platform system championship in Cairo

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

CAIRO EGYPT, August 7 (ChinaMil) -- After four days of intense competition at the 3rd Unmanned Systems Innovation Competition (UMSIC) held in Cairo, Egypt, the team from the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) of the Chinese People's Libration Army (PLA) won the championship of the unmanned ground platform system on July 31.

The Unmanned Systems Innovation Competition is a high-level international academic competition initiated by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense. It is divided into three events, namely, unmanned ground systems, unmanned underwater systems, and unmanned aerial systems. The participants must first design and build an unmanned system platform independently and pass the examination and evaluation of the organizers, in order to acquire the qualification for participating in competition.

This competition attracted 28 teams from colleges and universities in China, Egypt, and other countries.

In the unmanned ground platform competition, the “Kylin” ground unmanned vehicle independently designed and developed by the Chinese National University of Defense Technology performed perfectly with the highest scores throughout the three contests, including passing through various kinds of complex terrain through remote control, self-executing equipment operations, and autonomously crossing complex terrain.

The innovative ability and comprehensive quality of the NUDT students were fully affirmed by the experts of the competition organizing committee, the judges, and the guests from the international unmanned systems field.

As for the other two competitions, the Chinese Northwestern Polytechnical University won champion of the unmanned aerial system competition and the University of Alexandria in Egypt won the champion of the unmanned underwater platform system competition.

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