China's latest military medical equipment displayed at Asia Pacific Military Health Exchange

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo

By Tan Lin and Zhu Xiaoming

XI’AN, China, Sept. 21 (ChinaMil)—A medical equipment exhibition of the Asia Pacific Military Health Exchange (APMHE) 2018 was held at the Air Force Medical University of the PLA on Wednesday. Various kinds of principal medical equipment in first aid, examination, transfer, protection, and treatment were unveiled at the exhibition. Hundreds of military representatives from more than 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific region visited the show.

Those medical equipment were exhibited according to the process of the medical treatment and evacuation of the wounded personnel. The exhibition was divided into such three sectors as tactical, operational and strategic sectors.

The tactical sector concentrated on first-aid equipment for battlefield. The Chinese military displayed 18 types of equipment for self and mutual medical aid, site treatment and medical evacuation, and simulated training, including the new high-mobility field ambulance, armored ambulance, new medical corpsman backpack, surgeon backpack, battle-position first aid kit, portable transport stretcher, and war trauma simulator.

In the operational sector, the PLA's new tent hospital system and medical cabin system were launched on the spot, demonstrating the comprehensive support capability of the PLA's medical service in various battlefield environments and different missions.

In the strategic sector, models of the PLA's active backbone medical equipment, sanitary trains, hospital ships, and sanitary planes were exhibited, demonstrating the Chinese military's great mobile medical evacuation capability.




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