China-Australia joint army training “Exercise Pandaroo 2018” ends

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

By HaoYalin and Wang Ziqiao

VICTORIA BARRACKS, SYDNEY, Sept. 29 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese and Australian armies held a closing ceremony for their bilateral joint training named “Exercise Pandaroo 2018” on Friday morning at the Victoria Barracks in Sydney, Australia.

The China-Australia joint training “Exercise Pandaroo 2018” was held in Canberra and Sydney from September 17 to 28, 2018. 20 participants from both sides were grouped into two mixed detachments to conduct joint training focusing on marching through mountains, advancing through map-reading, abseiling adventure training, rock-climbing at night, sea kayaking and field camping.

All the participants were challenged by cliffs, reefs, waves, cold winds, and other hardships during the training. Overall, it’s an all-round exercise and a test of the skills, psychological qualities, will power and team spirits.

The "Exercise Pandaroo 2018" training was the fourth bilateral joint training between the Chinese and Australian militaries. It is an important platform for maintaining positive interaction and enhancing the mutual understanding and trust between the two militaries.

The Chinese and Australian militaries also sent high-level delegations to view and evaluate the exercise. The ten Chinese participants, coming from a brigade with the PLA 74th Group Army, have earned widespread acclaim for their superb skills, excellent work-style and open-mindedness and self-confidence during the joint training.

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