ASEAN military officials view simulated training of Chinese Navy

Global Times
Yao Jianing

Military officials from ASEAN member countries were impressed after viewing a simulated training exercise on China's Qijiguang naval training ship in Zhanjiang, South China's Guangdong Province on Tuesday.

Interested in teaching methods and training models on the ship, the group watched the Chinese naval crew complete maneuvers on a single-ship simulator and a virtual sailing formation system.

The teaching equipment installed on the Qijiguang can also provide confrontation exercises and other simulated drills through networked teaching terminals.

The system will improve training efficiency, Wang Jin, the ship's political commissar, told the Global Times on Tuesday, adding that simulation systems are rarely installed on ships but common on land.

Captain You Fei told the Global Times that simulations allow more participants in one training session, greatly cutting costs.

The system contains information on the main vessel models of the Chinese Navy and is open to future upgrades, You said.

The simulation system has not been seen publicly and by inviting an observer group, "China expresses the good will of peace and friendship as host of the China-ASEAN joint maritime drills."

Military exchanges with ASEAN countries are beneficial and we always maintain an open mind so as to learn from each other, You said.

As the largest and most advanced training ship in Asia, the Qijiguang naval training ship has a full-load displacement of 9,000 tons and maximum speed of 22 knots. It can accommodate over 400 naval cadets or officers for training in offshore waters and high seas.


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