Chinese villager awarded for reporting foreign submersible vessel

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

ZHEJIANG, Nov. 14 (ChinaMil) -- A villager, surnamed Yang, in Yaodong Village of Xiaguan Town of Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, received a special reward for reporting information about a suspicious submersible vessel, according to reports on the website of Wenzhou Daily on Tuesday.

The official in charge of the National Security Bureau in Wenzhou City made a special trip to Xiaguan Town on Monday to commend Yang, who made positive contributions to national security.

In mid-September this year, Yang noticed an unknown machine looked like an underwater detector suspiciously placed on the beach in Beiguan Island, Xiaguan Town, and he reported it to the relevant authority immediately.

The national security bureau attached great importance to the information, carried out verification without delay and retrieved the original submersible detector for a technical test.

According to the preliminary investigation, the machine is a submersible detector developed by a Canadian company. Its detection depth can reach between 300 to 600 meters underwater. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, the machine can be used for underwater target detection tasks such as search, investigation and identification.

China’s current counter intelligence situation is grim and complicated. The equipment for stealing China’s marine and hydrological environment is constantly evolving and never ending. Such equipment can collect various important marine environmental data as well as to detect and obtain the movements of the Chinese Navy for close-range reconnaissance and intelligence gathering tasks.

The Chinese national security bureau reminds every Chinese citizen that safeguarding national security is everyone’s obligation. If a citizen discovers any suspicious object and monitoring equipment, he/she must report it immediately to the national security authority and hand it over without any disassembly. Reward is offered to anyone who could provide valuable information to counterespionage.


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