China's 30th naval escort taskforce visits Cambodia

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo

By Mao Pengfei

Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian (L) welcomes the visiting Chinese naval escort taskforce at the wharf on January 9. (Photo by Huang Yaohui/China News Service)

SIHANOUKVILLE, CAMBODIA, Jan. 10 (ChinaMil) -- The 30th Chinese naval escort taskforce, comprised of guided-missile frigates Wuhu (Hull 539) and Handan (Hull 579) as well as comprehensive supply ship Dongpinghu (Hull 960) arrived at the port of Sihanoukville on Cambodia’s southern coast on Wednesday, kicking off its four-day friendly visit to Cambodia. This is the fourth visit by Chinese naval fleet to the Southeast Asian country in recent years.

At 10 a.m. (local time) of the day, the vessels of the 30th Chinese naval escort taskforce led by Rear Admiral Xu Haihua and Rear Admiral Du Naihua sailed into the port of Sihanoukville under the accompany of several Cambodian naval vessels. Chinese naval officers and soldiers in white uniforms manned the rails and waved to the people who came to greet them.

Led by Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian, staff of Chinese embassy in Cambodia, Chinese military experts for aid missions in Cambodia, representatives of the Khmer-Chinese Friendship Association in the Kingdom of Cambodia and Chinese enterprises, as well as overseas Chinese in Cambodia waited at the wharf to welcome the visiting Chinese escort taskforce. Rear Admiral Ros Veasna, deputy commander of the Ream Naval Base of the Royal Cambodian Navy, and some Cambodian naval officers attended the welcome ceremony. People visited the Chinese naval vessels in groups after the ceremony.

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