China's 3rd generation monograph on war wounds published

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo

By Sun Xingwei and Xu Lun

The monograph series on treatment of war wounds China's War Traumatology.

BEIJING, Feb. 19 (ChinaMil) -- The academic monograph series on treatment of war wounds, titled China's War Traumatology, was recently published. This scientific and systematic monograph is a collection of wound treatment techniques as well as an innovative exploration of battlefield management and service.

The monograph series contains nearly 16,000,000 words in eleven volumes. It was written and compiled by more than 500 Chinese top scholars together with 29 prestigious experts in the field of war wounds treatment.

The fundamental theories and clinical treatment of war wound have long been major research topics in the field of military medicine worldwide, as well as core tasks of the Chinese military in building medical support capacities. As various cutting-edge and new-concept weapons have been widely applied in recent years, the type, volume and degree of wounds and traumas in modern warfare have also witnessed drastic changes. Thus, new theoretical breakthroughs in war wounds treatment are urgently needed.

The monograph series systematically sums up the Chinese military’s accumulated experience and lessons in war wounds treatment, as well as advanced treatment experience and techniques from foreign armies. Its publication and circulation are conducive to improving China’s war wounds treatment capacities constantly and forging a war wound treatment system for the Chinese military.


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