PLA Air Force's pilot recruitment campaign in 2019 is in full swing

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2019-06-17 17:55:31

By Fang Chuanhong and Li Jianwen

BEIJING, Jun. 17 (ChinaMil) -- On June 13, 112 students from 12 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), including Beijing, Liaoning, Xinjiang and Tibet, came for the 2019 PLA Air Force’s final-stage pilot recruitment examination at the Air Force’s pilot recruitment test base in Beijing. This marks the full-scale development of the 2019 PLA Air Force’s pilot recruitment campaign.

Examination at present stage was scheduled to be under way from June 13 to July 1, making final selections according to the combination of the students’ performance in the National College Entrance Examination (CEE) and previous comprehensive assessment results. According to the recruiting staff, more than 2,100 ordinary high school graduates, including nearly 200 female ones, will be examined in 17 batches. And the 12th batch of the PLA Air Force’s female pilot cadets recruited nationwide every two years will be selected from these candidates, 40 of whom will get enrolled.

According to reports, the PLA Air Force’s admission policy will remain as usual in 2019, that is, the candidates who have passed the examinations of physical, psychological and political conditions and reached the entrance requirement of first-class universities and colleges in CEE will be qualified to apply for the recruitment. The candidates shall be enrolled in line with such criteria as scoring 30 points higher than the admission line for first-class universities and colleges in CEE, meeting the physical requirements for fighter jets, and achieving high level in psychological selection. Male cadets are enrolled according to the provincial flight recruitment plan, and female cadets are selected as the best candidates nationwide. What is different from previous years is that the female cadets who achieved outstanding results this year can enter Peking University or Tsinghua University for joint training with “double enrollment” just like their male counterparts.

Following the CEE, the PLA Air Force has selected 65 medical specialists and 40 psychology specialists for the recruitment campaign. The whole selection process will be carried out under real-time monitoring, and in line with systems including “double check and double signing” and “three-level inspections”. In addition, an inspection team to keep honesty and integrity in pilot recruitment was set up with the telephone number (010-66921813), report box and e-mail address ( released for public supervision, so as to ensure that the recruitment and selection work is open and transparent, fair and just.



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