African military officials visit China's Special Police College

Chen Zhuo
2019-07-17 23:31:36

Military officials attending the first China-Africa Peace and Security Forum visited the Special Police College (SPC) in Beijing on Wednesday. Participants said such visits can boost both exchanges and understanding.

"It is a very high training. It requires a lot of energy for young people. I hope that our young kids get the opportunity to come and join the college to get the training," Colonel Deng Mayom of the Sudan People's Liberation Army of South Sudan, said.

Demonstration of SPC combat-oriented training. /CGTN Photo

"Chinese forces can play a very good role for African peace and security, and assist its prosperity. I am confident of this," said Major General Asrat Denero Amad, Commander, West Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force.

The Special Police College was founded in 1985 to train personnel for anti-terrorism operations. For 30 years, a large number of its graduates have gone on to serve in China's public security forces and the People's Armed Police forces. The college has carried out exchanges with delegations from more than 150 countries and regions.

Colonel Deng Mayom, Sudan People’s Liberation Army, South Sudan, speaks to CGTN. /CGTN Photo

"I believe your visit here would play an active role in fulfilling the cooperative consensus reached by leaders of China and African countries and enhancing friendship between China and African countries," said Senior Colonel Zhang Li, Commandant of the SPC.

Senior Colonel Zhang Li, Commandant of SPC, makes a welcoming speech. /CGTN Photo

Many participants said China's commitment to peacekeeping in Africa should continue. And with the Belt and Road Initiative, the need for security cooperation is on the rise.


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