Chinese peacekeepers to DR Congo repair major local roads

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2019-07-18 16:33:13

The picture shows a panoramic view of the mechanical operation.

WALUNGU, DRC, July 18 (ChinaMil) -- The Walungu detachment of the 22nd Chinese peacekeeping engineer contingent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has successfully repaired the road from Nepal’s peacekeeping infantry battalion camp to Kashanja in the Walungu area recently.

It is reported that Walungu is more than 40 kilometers away from the “China Peninsula”, the main camp of China in DRC. The Chinese detachment is responsible for constructing this section of the road, which is 15 kilometers long located in a dense jungle.

It is the main road for the local people to go out and the Nepal’s peacekeepers to transport materials and patrol. In May this year, the Chinese peacekeeping engineer contingent has received an order from the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) to repair the road.

In order to complete the task on time, the Chinese detachment deployed 12 technicians and 7 machinery and equipment in the mission area for more than 8 hours of construction work per day.

According to the Chinese peacekeepers, gunmen such as anti-government forces are active in this section of the road, with frequent robberies and bloodshed. The peacekeepers have to overcome the difficulties like severe security situation, hush environmental condition and shortage of pavement materials.

The task was completed 10 days ahead of the schedule and the Chinese peacekeepers were highly praised by the local government, people and the other countries’ peacekeepers.

The picture shows a panoramic view of the mechanical operation.

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