Cool horses in "furnace city" at Wuhan Military World Games

Chen Zhuo
2019-07-20 16:30:47

WUHAN, China, July 20 (Xinhua) -- With ice and fans, 30 European horses at the 7th Military World Games will enjoy a cool summer even in Wuhan, one of China's hottest cities or "furnace cities".

They will spend their first summer in Wuhan, where temperatures have been rising for days, sometimes reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Yet, under good care of experienced stables workers, trainers and vets, these horses received four "nutritious meals" a day, with fruits as a reward. After each training session, staff here will lead them to shower. The horses looked stronger than months ago.

To keep track of their health, a horse hospital with modern equipment was set up for treatments of common diseases and injuries that may occur during the Games.

Flown to Wuhan last year, these horses for the Games are in their best age of 7 to 13, with an average body height of over 1.7 meters, and a head height of more than 2 meters.

The horses are also "warm-blood" with gentle temper and good coordination with equestrians to perform many difficult tasks.

After their arrivals, these horses were given several quite Chinese nicknames from netizens, such as "Zhuifeng" (Wind chaser) and "Chu-style".

Located in the south of Wuhan city, the 139,000-square-meter equestrian venue for the Games has been constructed by November 2018. Test event has been held here.

According to Xia Yunjian, dean of the International Equestrian School of Wuhan Commerce Institution, horses will be randomly allocated before the equestrian events.

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