Chinese military teams head for five countries to participate in IAG 2019

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2019-07-26 17:48:20
A brigade of the PLA Marine Corps holds an oath-taking ceremony at a coastal training range before leaving for the IAG 2019. (Photo by WangWei)

By Han Cheng and Wu Xu

BEIJING, July 26 (ChinaMil) -- At 8 p.m. on Friday, officers and soldiers from a naval troop under the PLA Northern Theatre Command boarded the aircraft at the Urumqi Diwopu International Airport, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, heading for Hormozgan Province, south Iran, to take part in the Depth diver competition of the International Army Games (IAG) 2019.

From now on, participating officers and soldiers heading for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, India and Iran will depart from Beijing, Urumqi and other cities respectively, taking military transport or civilian flights to various competition sites.

Previously, some of the participants have escorted the equipment and materials for the competition in advance to various contest sites through transnational railway transport.

The IAG 2019 will be held in ten countries such as China, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, starting from August 3. The delegations from the PLA Army, Navy and Air Force will head for 5 countries to participate in 11 competitions.

It is reported that the PLA teams will go aboard to take part in seven contests including Tank Biathlon, Masters of Armored Vehicles, Military Rally, Engineering Formula, Stable Receipt, Sniper Frontier and Army Scout Masters. The Navy team will involve in three contests including Seaborne Assault, Depth and Aviadarts. The Air Force team will participate in two contests covering Aviadarts and Airborne Platoon. It should be mentioned that this is the first time that the PLA Navy and Air Force jointly organized an aviation crew to take part in this year’s Aviadarts competition.

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