China-Singapore joint military drill enters real operations phase

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2019-08-05 18:01:31

The picture shows that participants from the two sides carry out jungle infiltration training.

BEIJING, Aug. 5 (ChinaMil) -- The China-Singapore "Cooperation 2019" joint military counter-terrorism drill has completed the phase of professional skills training on August 2. The participants moved on and started the mixed group training with emphasis on urban counter-terrorism cooperation. 

The "Cooperation 2019" drill is the first urban counter-terrorism one between the two armies. In the context of joint implementation of counter-terrorism support operations, the two sides carried out the mixed group training on counter-terrorism skills such as infiltration in camouflage, target surveillance, medical rescue and urban combat. Through respective demonstrations of training methods and group training modes, the two sides conducted targeted training and exchanges on joint anti-terrorism command, coordination and combat skills to enhance their joint urban counter-terrorism capabilities.

Coordinated tactical group training was a difficult subject in this phase. The participants began to explore ways to achieve simple and efficient coordination from the very beginning due to the differences in tactical actions and tactics application between the two sides. In the jungle infiltration and urban combat training, the missions were assigned through gesture and brief communication. The Chinese and Singaporeans were mixed into multiple combat squads and carried out joint assaults on the targets.

When being asked about the personal gains from the drill, one of the Chinese soldiers said: "There are differences in our training modes, but through active exchange and close cooperation, we have learned operational concepts, tactical ideas and special warfare skills from each other and jointly improved the special coordination capabilities of the officers and soldiers from both sides."

And one of his Singapore peers pointed out: "The Chinese participants are very cooperative and we have exchanged a lot such as information and weapons, etc. We also did a lot of activities together and it turned out to be a very productive two-way event."

With the theme expanding from the previous security operations and mountain attacks to the current joint urban counter-terrorism operations, the China-Singapore "Cooperation 2019" joint military drill is the fourth of such training which have taken place in 2009, 2010 and 2014 respectively, and is also the one with the largest number of training personnel, the longest time duration and the biggest amount of equipment. The joint drill began on July 27 and ended on the afternoon of August 5.


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