2nd Military Big Data Forum kicks off in Beijing

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2019-09-02 16:41:54

By Song Yuangang and Shao Longfei

BEIJING, Sept. 2 (ChinaMil) -- The 2nd Military Big Data Forum was held in Beijing from August 22 to 23. The forum was hosted by the Chinese People's Liberation Army's (PLA's) Academy of Military Sciences, and attended by more than 500 representatives from the PLA Central Military Committee (CMC) headquarters, theater commands, military services, the PLA’s Academy of Military Sciences, National Defense University, and National University of Defense Technology, etc.

With the theme of “The Promotion of Military Intelligent Development with Big Data”, the forum focused on the forefront, common and hot issues concerning the military big data, aiming to promote its further development. It also served to vigorously tap the military’s capablity with big data and intelligent development.

During the forum, 18 well-known academicians, experts and scholars delivered speeches on such topics as big data technology development, application practice, cutting-edge theory, talent training, combined with their own professional domains and research practices. The interaction atmosphere was quite warm on the spot.

It is reported that in order to enhance the breadth and depth of academic exchanges, the sponsor of the forum has since April this year collected 143 academic papers from the first-line troops, military academies, and military industrial groups. These papers covers a wide range of topics including big data strategic planning, theoretical method, standard specification, and technical application, and a wide range of fields including combat training, political work, logistics support, and equipment construction. After strict review by experts, a total of 110 articles were finally accepted by the forum, with eight articles awarded the first prize of Excellent Articles, 15 the second prize and 25 the third prize.

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