Chinese participating troops for Center-2019 exercise begin to return

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2019-09-24 17:36:12
The Chinese participating troops return home by military planes. (Photo by Li Zhongyuan)

By Wei Ningbang and Yang Xiaobo

ORENBURG, Russia, Sept. 24 (ChinaMil) -- China's exercise command and participating troops began to withdraw from Russia's Gonguz training range in Orenburg, Russia on the morning of April 22, local time, after successfully completing the Tsentr-2019 (Center-2019) exercise.

Featuring high intensity drill, fast rhythm conversion, high firepower density, long range maneuver and strong actual combat, this exercise fully demonstrated the new level of military cooperation, the new height of mutual political and strategic trust between the Chinese and Russian military, and the strong will of participating countries to seek regional security and stability and to combat terrorism. It offered the opportunity to test the capability of multinational forces to conduct coordinating command and joint operations, and enriched Chinese military’s actual combat experience in dealing with various security threats as well.

After their return, the Chinese participants will make thorough review and summary for further development. With the experience of being Chinese command in the exercise, the staff assigned to the PLA Western Theater Command will make comprehensive analysis from the aspects of multinational troops’ joint operation planning and live combat commanding, the forces’ extra-long-distance cross-border projection, and the integrated coordination work as a whole.

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