India-China border peaceful, says ITBP chief

Hindustan Times
Huang Panyue
2019-10-24 11:35:14

“There has not been any major incident of incursion by Chinese troops”, said SS Deswal, the director general of ITBP.(PTI File Photo)

Source: Hindustan Times

SS Deswal, the director general of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), which guards the China border, said on Wednesday that there have been no incidents of “transgression” lately and the situation remains “peaceful”.

Asked if there was any standoff between the troops of the two sides around the time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese premier Xi Jinping met earlier this month, Deswal said that national security and diplomatic efforts are “delinked” and should be seen in that context. “Irrespective of these things, we remain on alert and in a state of continuous guard,” Deswal said.

Modi met Xi at Mamallapuram on October 11-12. There were uncorroborated reports around that time the two sides had a brief faceoff at one of the sectors at the India-China border.

Addressing reporters at ITBP’s annual conference in New Delhi, Deswal said there has not been any major incident of incursion by Chinese troops.

“We [Indian and Chinese troops] patrol the same area. We sometimes come in front of each other, but there have been no incidents [of aggression]. India and China have a very good understanding and good mechanism to find solution to all the situations arising at the border. The border is absolutely safe,” he added.

He added that “status quo” is maintained at India-China border by both sides.

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