China's rocket-carrying ships complete two transport missions

China Military Online
Yang Tao
2020-02-27 18:57:32

By Qi Chuang and Gao Chao

NANJING, Feb. 27 -- China's Yuanwang rocket-carrying ships docked at their home port at the China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Controlling Department on February 26, after completing the maritime rocket transport tasks of Long March-7A and Long March-5B Y1 carrier rockets.

Yuanwang-21 set sail first on December 30, 2019 and completed the transport mission of Long March-7A rocket. Then it joined with Yuanwang-22 in transporting Long March-5B Y1 rocket.

Li Jin, captain of ship Yuanwang-21, said: "In this voyage, the Yuanwang-21 set a record with a 59-day voyage covering more than 8,000 nautical miles in a single mission."

During the mission, the fleet also strictly stuck to COVID-19 prevention and control. "Everyone’s body temperature was monitored regularly. The range of personnel activities was limited, with crew members taking meals separately in batches. And the whole ship was also disinfected on daily basis," Li Jin introduced.

The Yuanwang rocket-carrying ships will be subsequently refurbished and maintained at the home port, and carry out various targeted technical drills to prepare for the high-frequency rocket transport tasks this year.

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