China starts military conscription for second half of 2020

China Military Online
Yang Tao
2020-04-14 00:19:53

Beijing, April 13 -- China has officially started the military recruitment registration for the second half of 2020 in April. Affected by the COVID-19, the recruitment for the first half of the year has been postponed to the second half, with the tasks merged to be completed in one lump.

This year's recruitment mainly targets young people with a high school or higher education background, giving priority to the highly educated and the fresh graduates. The age requirements also vary according to the level of education, ranging from 18 to 24 as max. Those graduates enlisted with college education or above will be financially compensated through governmental sponsorship or student loan mechanisms. Besides, high school graduates who have been admitted to colleges and universities this year will have their admission qualification retained, and enjoy the national tuition cut and exemption policy after decommissioning.

It is learnt that the recruitment of male soldiers has begun, lasting from April 1 to August 15. Unlike female soldiers, they must complete military recruitment registrations at first, with the deadline being June 30. This year’s recruitment of female soldiers is to be run from June 26 to August 15, while the timing of non-commissioned officers’ (NCO) recruitment has not yet been announced.


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