96,400 sets of clothing supplies delivered to flood-fighting troops

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-07-22 20:51:49
New clothing supplies have been distributed in time to the flood-fighting frontline in Jiujiang.

By Xing Jin, Cheng Shaobin, Yang Dianji and Huang Wei

BEIJING, July 22 -- 96,400 sets of clothing supplies were delivered to the anti-flood frontline on the afternoon of July 21.

It took the logistic support department of the army under the PLA Eastern Theater Command only 3.5 days to complete the whole process of task assigning, counting and registration, submitting for approval and organizing delivery, which reflected the smooth cooperation of the commanding and the enforcement departments within the logistic support system.

The clothes and shoes of service members in anti-flood missions are badly worn out, and new supplies are urgently needed.

Since the first batch of troops stationed in Jiangxi, Anhui and other places to carry out flood-fighting missions on July 11, the service members carried sandbags and blocked leakage every day. Their clothes and shoes were badly worn out.

It is reported that the 96,400 sets of clothing supplies delivered this time include camouflage uniforms, fitness uniforms, combat boots and training shoes, all of which are urgently needed by the officers and soldiers in anti-flood operations.

Combat boots of service members are worn out after a long period of immersion.


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