Physical examination items added for service members stationed in plateau region

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2020-09-18 22:36:45
File Photo: Physical examination is performed for service members stationed on the Tibetan Plateau.

By Wang Yang and Sun Xingwei

BEIJING, Sept. 18 -- Recently, according to the Logistic Support Department under China’s Central Military Commission (CMC), the annual physical examination items for troops stationed over the elevation of 3,000 meters will be expanded. The newly added 39 items cover some specific examinations and early-warning monitoring examinations, which are focused on the diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and blood systems.

In order to achieve early prevention, early detection and early treatment, the physical examination items added this time mainly include two clinical examinations, 33 laboratory tests, and four auxiliary examinations. Among them, 22 items were newly offered.

Military medical care institutions make tailored physical checkup plans to meet individual needs of soldiers. Meanwhile, they also conduct timely analysis of the results and formulate targeted measures to carry out prevention instruction and treatment of plateau chronic diseases based on the changes in disease spectrum reflected in the health examination results of troops.

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