PLA Navy pilots self-service for military outfits distributing

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2020-09-23 23:34:25
Soldiers choose military outfits in the supermarket for military outfits precision distribution at the Naval Submarine Academy.

By Yuan Xingtao and Zhang Yifei

QINGDAO, Sept. 23 -- PLA Navy's first supermarket for military outfits precision distribution has been set up in the Navy Submarine Academy. It is the outcome of a pilot program initiated by the naval logistics departments to explore the precise supply of outfits characterized by "simultaneous applying and receiving".

The supermarket offers in-place measurement and personal outfits application information enquiry at the shopping guide area . In the shopping area, a variety of military outfits including uniforms, underclothes and shoes are available. Soldiers can finally check out by self-service code scanning at the exit.

Meanwhile, the warehouseman would be informed with the inventory changes through a warehouse management system and calculate the necessary replenishments in time, in this way precision and convenience would be ensured.

"The one-stop outfits distributing mode is innovative and flexible with high efficiency. Compared with the traditional centralized distributing mode, it can decrease the transportation and delivery pressure, improve support efficiency, and reduce management costs", said Zhu Lin, director of the logistics support center of the academy.

Since the pilot operation in early July, naval officers and men in the academy have got outfits of more than 400 sets (pieces) in 25 categories from the military outfit supermarket.

It is learnt that the PLA Navy has scheduled to expand the scope of the pilot program and more such military outfit supermarket will be set up in military units boasting complete warehouse infrastructure and accessible local logistics.

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