PLA border troops put new vegetable storage cellars into use

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2020-11-05 21:49:11
Interior of the new vegetable storage cellar.

By Zhang Liang and Sun Xingwei  

BEIJING,Nov. 5 -- Recently, a new type of vegetable storage cellars that integrates moisture-proof, anti-freeze, and fresh-keeping functions have officially settled in the PLA border troops on plateau.  

Equipped with ventilation, refrigeration equipment and heat preservation boards built on the inner wall to adjust wind, temperature and humidity intelligently, the cellars have larger storage capacity and enhanced food preservation capability compared with previous ones.  

"The 'new refrigerator' keeps the temperature stable and helps us better store vegetables and fruits. Some varieties can even be kept fresh for more than half a year. We no longer have to worry about running out of fresh vegetables, even in extreme weather," officers and soldiers stationed on the frontier all year round said happily after trying out the new cellar.

According to the head of the Military Energy Bureau of the CMC Logistic Support Department, three standardized types of vegetable cellars have been promoted for troops in different locations. Those new-type cellars have enriched the vegetable varieties during winter time and improved the storage capacity and quality.

It is learnt that in recent years, the Chinese military prioritized support for its border defense troops, allocating more material and financial resources for those troops and introducing a number of modern agricultural technologies to build various greenhouses, plant factories and vegetable storage cellars.


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