Plateau troops equipped with portable individual oxygen production and supply devices

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2021-11-01 20:11:30

By Wu Duoqi and Sun Xingwei

Beijing, Nov. 1-- Since last year, the Logistic Support Department of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) has successively distributed individual oxygen supply equipment such as portable oxygen cylinders, portable oxygen generators, and solid oxygen generators to the plateau border troops of the Chinese PLA. Now, these troops’ oxygen production and supply has gradually become portable and individualized.

Oxygen supply for plateau troops involves daily consumption plus health-care, and wartime emergency use plus medical treatment. The PLA Logistic Support Department has successively carried out relevant projects for troops stationed in areas 3,000 meters above sea level since 2013, having played a positive role in enhancing those troops’ combat effectiveness, cohesion and supportiveness.

In recent years, being devoted to the construction of fixed oxygen inhalation facilities in barracks, the PLA Logistic Support Department and the PLA Army have also focused on the buildup of field oxygen supply capacity on plateau, and successively equipped the troops with new-type oxygen mobile cabins, portable oxygen cylinders for individual soldiers, portable oxygen generators, and solid oxygen generators, targeting the specific needs of plateau border patrol missions. A support system for oxygen use in both peacetime and wartime has been thereby established.

Next, in addition to strengthening basic scientific research on altitude sickness, relevant departments will continue to improve the altitude sickness prevention and control system, while taking oxygen supply support and hypoxia pre-adaptation and pre-conditioning as the starting point to build an even stronger health protective screen for plateau-stationed PLA service members.


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