"China Defense" showcases at Egypt Defence Expo 2021


China Military Online
Xu Yi
2021-12-02 18:11:55

By Ma Shuaisha and Li Qian


BEIJING, Dec. 2 -- The four-day Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX) 2021 kicked off in Cairo on November 29. According to China’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND), seven Chinese military trade companies made a unified appearance with the image of "China Defense" in EDEX 2021 to further promote Chinese military products.

北京12月2日电 据12月1日中国国家国防科技工业局消息,为期4天的第二届埃及防务展11月29日在开罗开幕,国防科工局组织7家军贸公司,以“中国军工”统一形象亮相,进一步推动军工优势装备走出国门。

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense, organizer of the ceremony, attaches great importance to it and plans to build the expo into the top defense exhibitions in North Africa and even the entire African region, aiming to enhance the influence and promote the economic development of Egypt. More than 200 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions participated in EDEX 2021. Among them, the "China Defense" exhibition area, which covers an area of 851 square meters, has attracted widespread attention.


Seven Chinese companies brought a series of defense products in the fields including air defense weapons, ground-to-ground weapons, mobile assaults, fire strike, smart ammunition, fighter jets, advanced jet trainers, unmanned and anti-UAV equipment, military electronic equipment, cyber security, information engineering, anti-terrorism and stability maintenance.


In addition, M20 missile weapon system, HQ-9BE air defense missile weapon system, Xiaolong series of fighter jets, L-15 trainer jet, Rainbow-5 UAV, Wing Loong drone, ZDK03 early warning aircraft, VT4 main battle tank, SH15 truck-mounted howitzer, integrated electronic warfare system, early warning and detection system, and anti-UAV system were all unveiled.


In recent years, China’s SASTIND has organized the exhibition delegation named "China Defense" to participate in major international defense exhibitions for multiple times. The display of China’s key military trade products has improved the international reputation of China's weapons and equipment, and provided countries worldwide with an important platform to have a more systematic, comprehensive and true understanding of Chinese military trade products and technologies.



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