China rolls out preferential policies on academic and vocational education of ex-soldiers

China Military Online
Li Congyi
2022-01-13 00:00:16

BEIJING, Jan. 12 -- Recently, China's Ministry of Veterans Affairs issued a new policy document on the education and training of demobilized soldiers, which is to be promoted and implemented in the departments of veteran affairs at all levels across China.

The policy document has 23 articles covering policies of ex-soldiers’ academic education, skill training and adaptive training, all of which are closely relevant to their individual rights and interests.

The policies about the academic education cover the preferential policies for ex-soldiers on the examination and enrollment, reentry, funding, training and management as undergraduate and graduate students, for the purpose of helping ex-soldiers enhance their employability through higher education.

The policies on skill training stipulate that the ex-soldiers can enjoy free training and other inclusive policies, which help demobilized soldiers secure high-quality, stable employment by transforming from military talents into skilled talents urgently needed in society .

As stipulated in the adaptive training policies, courses on psychological adjustment and employment-oriented training programs should be provided for those demobilized soldiers who have returned to their hometowns to get employment, aiming at helping them adjust to civilian life and smoothly get integrated into society.

As of now, a total of 822,000 veterans have received academic education and 1.347 million have participated in vocational training.

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