Fishermen awarded for capturing underwater spying devices

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-01-18 17:50:22

LIANYUNGANG, Jan. 18 -- An office of the Jiangsu provincial government in East China, which is in charge of national security-related affairs, rewarded 11 fishermen and five relevant people for discovering underwater spying devices on January 17.

Since 2020, fishermen in eastern coastal areas of Jiangsu Province have successively captured a number of suspicious devices underwater during fishing operations, and handed them over to the national security authorities in a timely manner.

Great importance was attached to the technical analysis of these devices, among which 10 devices were found to be manufactured by foreign countries, customized for tasks of underwater surveying, intelligence gathering, etc., posing a great threat to the national security.

It is known that Jiangsu Province has held four commendation conferences since 2016 to award fishermen for capturing and turning over suspicious underwater devices, which have greatly stimulated the enthusiasm and initiative of coastal fishermen to safeguard national security.

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