Xi encourages youth to forge ahead on new journey

China Daily
Lin Congyi
2022-05-10 15:41:22


A gathering to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China is held in Beijing on May 10. [Photo/Xinhua]


Xi asks youth league to be vanguard force in mobilizing China's youth

Xi told the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) to shoulder its responsibilities and always be a vanguard force in mobilizing China's youth in continuous endeavor.

The cause of the Party and the people entails the endeavor and devotion by generations of young people, Xi said, stressing that young people should devote their youth to great undertakings of the Party and the people.

Xi asked the league to unite and lead young people to follow the call of the Party and the people and work hard in places where the country needs them the most.

Xi urges firm beliefs, fighting spirit in youth league members

Xi called on members of the CYLC in the new era to build up firm beliefs, and boost their courage and skills to carry out struggles, among others.

Xi urged CYLC members to be patriotic and innovative, while not being misguided or intimidated by difficulties.

CYLC members shall also be hardworking and willing to make selfless contributions, said Xi, adding that they should promote virtue, perform good deeds and observe discipline.

Hope of Party, country rests on youth

Xi said the hope of the CPC and the country rests on the youth.

Xi said for the Party and the country, youth are the most worthy of love and expectation, adding that young people are like saplings that thrive on the earth, and one day they will grow into towering trees.


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