Chinese military experts in Tanzania help rescue injured Chinese

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-06-29 18:08:16
Picture shows the accident scene.

BEIJING, June 29 -- The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania received a letter of thanks and a pennant from two local Chinese on June 23, who expressed their gratitude to three Chinese military experts for their emergency rescue.

At around 16:40 local time on May 12, Chinese military experts Chen Yonghui, Lv Xiaogang and Ye Longbiao from the PLA Nanjing Army Command College, who were on a military teaching mission in Tanzania, found on their way to Dodoma that the road was blocked by a traffic accident, in which a blood-stained Chinese was calling for help in the distance, with a badly damaged black SUV turning over by the roadside.

The military experts stopped to learn more about the situation. It turned out that the black SUV had a flat tire, rolled over and bumped against a big tree by the roadside. At that moment, another Chinese was in a coma inside the car. The military experts communicated with their accompanying Tanzanian military liaison officers to take necessary first aid measures. They organized the onlookers to carry the injured out of the vehicle, and coordinated the vehicle to send them to the hospital. When the Tanzania traffic police arrived, the military experts briefed them on the situation.

After emergency rescue and nearly a month of recovery treatment, the two Chinese have basically recovered. They took a letter of thanks and a pennant to the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania to express their gratitude to the Chinese military experts.

The rescued Chinese send a pennant and a letter of thanks to the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania on June 23, 2022.


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