Base-centered multi-level medical support training wrapped up in Chongqing

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-11-28 18:02:05
An armored rescue vehicle rushes to a rally point to pick up the wounded during a base-centered medical support training exercise in Chongqing City on November 14 . (Video screenshot by Jiang Songyang)

CHONGQING, Nov.28 -- The Chinese military recently wrapped up a joint medical support training exercise at a health service training base under the PLA Army Medical University in Chongqing City, with four mobile units and two formed units of the health service forces under the PLA Army and the PLA Joint Logistic Support Force being involved.

The training exercise was conducted in six stages. Starting from the preparation ahead of the training, the participating troops then carried out the 24-hour medical support operations following the trans-regional maneuver and deployment. And after that, they conducted discussions and exchanges during the review and summary of the training.

According to Zhang Wei, director of the PLA Army's medical training base, the joint training exercise has applied a series of studying results made in recent years. It is also a practice and summary of a number of research subjects on actual-combat-oriented health services, providing theoretical and practical support for the Chinese military's health service force construction in the future.

A field hospital team examines and categorizes the wounded by their conditions during a base-centered medical support training exercise on November 20, 2022. Photo by Zhang Yihan
A helicopter medical evacuation team carries out an in-flight rescue for a simulated severely wounded soldier during a base-centered medical support training exercise on November 20, 2022. (Video screenshot by Mei Yuyang)


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