Beijing college war game competition wraps up

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2022-11-30 17:17:03

BEIJING, Nov.30 -- The 2022 Beijing college war game competition hosted by Tsinghua University was held from November 19 to 26. Nearly 1,000 candidates from 18 colleges and universities signed up for the event, and 69 selected teams finally came to the fierce competition.

"Warfare is cruel, and there is no winner in war. To eliminate war, we need to study the war first. And the war game provides a good way for the college students to cultivate a scientific outlook on warfare and methodology," said Pan Xinmao, a researcher from the PLA Academy of Military Science (AMS) and the chief director of the competition.

This year's game was held online in a mode of 2V2 Reds-VS-Blues matches, while teams with higher scores were qualified for rank upgrading.

At the director's hall in Tsinghua University, the real-time situation was observed through the electronic screen, in which the players manipulated the keyboard and mouse to command tanks, infantry vehicles, artillery, and infantry in cooperative operations.

Li Wei, an associate professor of the PLA National Defense University and one of the game directors, pointed out that through war game competition, college students experienced the simulated information and traditional warfare, and gained a deeper understanding on the complexity, cruelty and uncertainty of war.

Tsinghua University has held this event for nearly 10 years. As an elective course in the school, war game has been very popular among the students. Every year, there are both large-scale competitions and small-scale arena contests held at the university.

"We have also kept in touch with the Chinese military’s border defense troops in Xinjiang, and often organized online war games with them," said Dong Zhi, chief referee of the competition and director of the national defense education office at Tsinghua University. "We hope students could further understand war with intellect, culture and military knowledge through war game."

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