Chinese team ranks third in "Tactical Shooter" qualifier

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2021-08-26 00:37:14

By Wang Weidong and Wang Ning

MOSCOW, August 25 -- On the afternoon of August 23, local time, the qualifier of the "Tactical Shooter" competition under the International Army Games (IAG) 2021 came to an end. The Chinese participating team with five members ranked 3rd in the overall classification.

The "Tactical Shooter" special troops applied shooting competition is held for the first time as part of the IAG. During the qualifier held on August 23, participants were required to use rifles and pistols in three postions, namely prone, kneeling and standing to hit 8 half-length targets and 9 human-shaped targets within a 150m shooting zone.

The qualifier, the first stage of the "Tactical Shooter" competition, aims to test the basic shooting skills and tactical attainment of the contestants. As of now, all the Chinese participants have successfully passed into the second stage of the competition.


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