PLA Navy promotional video Always Ready released

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2023-12-08 08:40:53

"No one is allowed to encroach upon China's territorial sea, not even an inch!" China's territorial sea brooks no encroachment. The Chinese PLA Navy has the resolve, confidence and ability to expel all incoming enemies! The Network Department of the Chinese PLA News Media Center produced and released a bilingual short video clip Always Ready, paying tribute to the Chinese PLA Navy who has been faithfully safeguarding China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests at all times.

Poster: Lyu Xintong

Executive Producer: Dong Zhaohui

Line Producers: Wang Xinjuan, Li Wei

Scenarist-Directors: Li Weichao, Chen Zhuo, Li Jiayao

Production Coordinators: Huang Panyue, Chi Juncheng

Military Coordinators: Yang Jie, Wang Jian, Yang Yunxiang, Huang Jiacheng, Hong Hannuo, Bai Xuguang

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