China-Cambodia "Golden Dragon 2024" joint exercise concludes

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2024-05-31 20:43:25

By Wu Ke and Meng Peng

The photo shows the closing ceremony of the China-Cambodia "Golden Dragon 2024" joint exercise. (Photo by Meng Peng)

KAMPONG CHHNANG, Cambodia, May 31 -- The China-Cambodia "Golden Dragon 2024" joint exercise concluded after the field exercise on shore on May 30, local time.

Under the theme of "joint counter-terrorism operations and humanitarian relief", the field exercise focused on hostage rescue in urban areas and encirclement and annihilation of enemies in mountainous camps, among others. The troops completed eight subjects including multi-dimensional reconnaissance, multi-dimensional strikes, forcible entry, and pursuit by fire.

After the exercise concluded, the Chinese and Cambodian participating troops held a closing ceremony in which commanders from both sides reported the overall situation of the joint exercise.

It is learned that this is the sixth China-Cambodia "Golden Dragon" joint exercise, involving over 2,000 participating troops from both sides.

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