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Chinese peacekeeping engineers to DRC repair traffic arteries in Walungu
Fourteen officers and soldiers of the road contingent of the 23rd Chinese peacekeeping engineer contingent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) left for Walungu on November 12, local time.
11-15 20:55:46
Chinese peacekeepers in Sudan rescue trapped vehicle
The China's 15th batch of peacekeeping force to Darfur in Sudan have rescued a local pickup plunged into the roadside gully, helping solve road congestion, said the military engineers on Wednesday.
11-08 01:00:19
UNIFIL officials highly praise Chinese female peacekeepers
Lieutenant Colonel Ela from the Dutch Navy, as the Gender Officer of the UNIFIL Command, paid a special visit to the female peacekeepers of the 18th Chinese contingent to Lebanon on October 29.
11-01 16:42:18
UNIFIL female peacekeepers join military officers from region in protecting cultural heritage
UNIFIL female peacekeepers joined some 40 female military officers from the MENA region in Lebanon earlier this month for a first-of-its-kind three-day workshop on "Protecting cultural property in armed conflicts."
10-29 11:30:49

Escort Missions

Missions completed, 32nd Chinese naval escort taskforce returns home
The 32nd Chinese naval escort taskforce consisting of the guided missile destroyer Xi'an, the missile frigate Anyang and the comprehensive supply ship Gaoyouhu attached to the PLA Navy returned to its homeport in Zhoushan in east China's Zhejiang Province on the morning of October 29.
11-01 16:02:38
Chinese naval 33rd escort taskforce starts 2nd round of in-port replenishment
The guided-missile destroyer Xining (Hull 117) attached to the 33rd Chinese naval escort taskforce under the PLA Navy docked at the Port of Jeddah of Saudi Arabia on October 25.
10-28 17:06:47
Navy sends its most capable combat ship on escort mission
The Navy began to carry out escort missions in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somalia in December 2008. In the past decade, it has sent 106 ships and more than 28,000 naval personnel to escort at least 6,700 Chinese and foreign ships, according to the Navy.
09-10 16:20:19
China sends new naval fleet for escort mission
The 33rd fleet from the Chinese PLA Navy on Thursday left the port city of Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province for the Gulf of Aden to escort civilian ships.
08-29 21:43:52

Disaster Relief

Armed police carry out rescue operations after Sichuan quake
China dispatched over 100 armed police members to Neijiang City of Sichuan Province for rescue after a 5.4-magnitude earthquake killed one person and injured 53 others early on Sunday.
09-09 08:37:18
PLA's "Peace Train-2019" offers medical services in southern Laos
"'Peace Train' of the Chinese PLA comes back!" This is the talks of the town over the past few days in Sanamxay district, southern Laos' Attapeu province.
08-26 17:38:00
All Chinese tourists injured in bus mishap in Laos fly back
With the last five injured Chinese tourists getting on a flight back on Saturday, all the injured in a road accident in northern Laos have flown back to China so far.
08-25 22:10:46
4 Chinese tourists badly injured in bus crash in Laos fly back to homeland
The Chinese PLA's Peace Train medical team has accompanied four Chinese tourists badly injured in a deadly bus crash in northern Laos to take flights back to China Thursday afternoon.
08-23 11:38:01

Counter Terrorism

Joint exercises among ASEAN states bolster region's counterterror skills
Joint counterterrorism training and exercises among military forces from members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and its dialogue countries can improve the countries' joint command and operation mechanism when responding together to regional terrorist threats, military officers said on Wednesday as related field training exercises began.
11-14 08:10:38
China hosts largest land-based ADMM-Plus joint counter-terrorism drill
A joint counter-terrorism exercise with 10 ASEAN members and eight dialogue partners including China, US, Russia, and India kicked off Wednesday in Guilin, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
11-14 08:02:42
Pre-training conducted among Chinese and Thai troops for ASEAN anti-terrorism exercise
On the morning of November 9, the Chinese and Thai commanding and staff officers held a pre-training preparatory meeting in the exercise room of an army brigade under the PLA Southern Theater Command.
11-11 17:55:19
China, Kazakhstan conduct Fox Hunting-2019 joint counter-terrorism drill
The opening ceremony of "Fox Hunting-2019" joint counter-terrorism drill between China and Kazakhstan was held at a training base in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan on Monday.
10-16 17:22:30