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Chinese peacekeeping force's authority transfer ceremony held in Lebanon
Chief of Staff of the UNIFIL Brig. Gen. Pierre Liot De Nortbecourt chaired on Monday the 15th CHINBATT Transfer of Authority (rotation) ceremony.
05-23 08:31:06
Chinese peacekeepers amaze UNAMID with "China Speed"
After completing the engineering tasks assigned by the UNAMID in Graida, 66 peacekeepers of the 13th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to Sudan's Darfur returned to their base camp in Nyala safely on May 16.
05-22 17:25:27
210 Chinese peacekeepers return to China from Lebanon
An airliner from Beirut, capital of Lebanon, carrying 210 Chinese peacekeepers, arrived at the Changshui International Airport in Kunming of Southwest China's Yunnan Province at 05:30 a.m. last Friday.
05-22 15:57:12
China's first helicopter peacekeeping detachment prepares to leave for Sudan
China's first helicopter peacekeeping detachment held a departure ceremony at an army aviation brigade of the PLA 81st Group Army in Beijing on May 19, 2017.
05-19 16:57:43

Escort Missions

Defense ministry: China hands over 3 suspected pirates to Somalia
China handed over three suspected pirates captured in an rescue operation on a Tuvaluan cargo ship hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden to the authorities in Somalia on May 5, said the Information Bureau of China's MND on Thursday.
05-11 17:05:22
China to continue escort mission against pirate threats
The Chinese PLA Navy will continue escort missions, a long-term task, Yang Yujun, spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense said at a press briefing on Thursday.
04-27 21:43:47
Chinese naval escort taskforces conduct escort mission command handover
The 25th and 26th Chinese naval escort taskforces conducted their second joint escort operation in the Gulf of Aden on April 25 after their rendezvous and mission handover on April 21.
04-26 16:47:48
25th, 26th Chinese naval escort taskforces hold mission-handover ceremony
The 25th and 26th Chinese naval escort taskforces held a mission-handover ceremony in the Gulf of Aden on the afternoon of April 21, local time.
04-24 16:01:16

Disaster Relief

Armed Police Force soldiers save three people trapped in earthquake
The Chinese APF in Xinjiang launched emergency rescue operation and dispatched troops to the quake-stricken area after a 5.5-magnitude earthquake jolted Taxkorgan County in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at 5:58 a.m. on Thursday, local time.
05-12 16:24:52
Second China-UK joint nationals evacuation tabletop exercise held in London
The second China-UK Joint Noncombatant Evacuation Operations Tabletop Exercise kicked off in London on March 8, according to a news report on the official website of China's Ministry of National Defense.
03-09 18:13:02
Navy ship rescues fishermen stranded in South China Sea
Eight fisherman from Hainan Province have been rescued with the help of Chinese navy after their fishing boat grounded in waters near the Fiery Cross Reef in the South China Sea.
03-03 16:30:36
PLA frigates search for fishing boat crew in East China Sea
China's People's Liberation Army Navy on Friday sent frigates to search for the crew of a wrecked fishing boat in the East China Sea, according to navy sources.
02-24 23:28:27

Counter Terrorism

China's Xinjiang resolutely fights terrorism as risks remain: officials
Senior officials from northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Sunday said the region has maintained a high-pressure crackdown to ensure stability as destabilizing factors remain.
03-12 22:31:22
Air forces join Xinjiang counter-terror drills
Air and land forces staged joint counter-terrorism drills on Monday around the TianshanMountains in Northwest China's XinjiangUyghur Autonomous Region.
03-01 11:17:37
Armed police tests anti-terror capabilities in elite skills contest
The first “Pinnacle” professional skills competition involving special service units of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force was unveiled at a training base in Beijing on Sunday.
11-07 17:24:39
China, Pakistan hold joint anti-terrorism training
The "Friendship-2016" joint anti-terrorism training of the Chinese and Pakistani armies was held at Pakistani national anti-terrorism training center on October 18.
10-25 17:29:46