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Chinese peacekeepers leave for South Sudan on one-year mission
A contingent of 180 Chinese peacekeepers left Zhengzhou, the capital city of central China's Henan Province, for South Sudan on Monday night on a one-year mission.
11-14 01:08:38
China's peacekeeping helicopter detachment to Sudan passes UN equipment verification
China's second peacekeeping helicopter detachment to Darfur in Sudan passed the fourth-quarter equipment verification organized by the African UNAMID on November 11, local time.
11-13 16:05:01
5th peacekeeping infantry battalion to S. Sudan (Juba) established
Peacekeepers of the 5th Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to South Sudan (Juba) attended an oath-taking rally in China on Wednesday, marking the establishment of the battalion and its expedition to South Sudan.
11-08 17:29:55
Chinese peacekeepers conduct medical examinations for students in southern Lebanon
A Chinese medical team working with the Chinese peace-keeping troops at the UNIFIL on Wednesday conducted medical examinations for students of an Orthodox school in southern Lebanon.
10-19 08:44:15

Escort Missions

Chinese naval fleet returns from escort missions
A Chinese naval fleet of three warships returned to a naval base in Zhoushan, on Thursday after ending escort missions in the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters.
10-04 20:30:44
30th Chinese naval escort taskforce sets sail for Gulf of Aden
The 30th Chinese naval escort taskforce set out for the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somali from a naval port in Qingdao of east China's Shandong Province on Monday morning to carry out the escort mission.
08-07 17:46:22
Chinese naval ships make technical stop in Indonesia
The 28th Chinese naval escort taskforce made a technical stop at Port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia, from July 26 to 29.
07-31 17:06:06
Chinese frigate Binzhou makes technical stop in France
The guided-missile frigate Binzhou (Hull 515) of the 29th Chinese naval escort taskforce arrived at the Port of Brest in France and started its three-day technical stop on July 2, 2018.
07-04 16:35:29

Disaster Relief

Armed police aid disaster relief efforts after landslide in SW China
A total of 440 armed police have taken part in disaster relief operations on the border between Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China, after a landslide struck a section of a river in the area on Thursday.
10-13 20:37:33
PLA aids disaster relief in landslide-affected area
A 25-member contingent deployed by the PLA is conducting a disaster survey at the site of a barrier lake that was formed after a landslide Thursday struck a section of a river in southwest China.
10-12 22:36:56
Joint medical rescue exercise promotes China- Laos military ties
The "Peace Train 2018" China-Laos humanitarian and medical joint rescue exercise between Chinese and Laotian militaries successfully concluded on Tuesday. The two militaries spoke highly of the results of the joint exercise.
08-01 17:01:23
Chinese doctors bring relief to Lao dam victims
On the muddy yard of Sanamxay District Hospital in southern Lao province of Attapeu, Chinese doctors in military uniform have set up tents as reception for Lao villagers seeking medical service.
07-31 08:35:04

Counter Terrorism

"Peace Mission 2018" joint anti-terrorism military exercise kicks off in Russia
The "Peace Mission 2018" joint anti-terrorism military exercise kicked off at the No. 255 training range in Chebarkul, Russia on August 29, 2018 local time.
08-31 15:45:25
China issues new counterterrorism guideline
China's counter-terrorism-related ministries jointly issued a guideline on legal procedures and penalty standards for terrorist crimes, which experts predict will deter offenders.
06-18 21:14:21
China's anti-drone laser weapon could aid counter-terrorism
China showcased an anti-drone laser weapon at an exhibition, as experts said on Tuesday that the weapon could empower counter-terrorism efforts.
05-30 08:56:44
China, Russia conclude joint counter-terror exercises
Chinese and Russian forces concluded their joint counter-terror exercises Wednesday at a training base near Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China.
12-13 21:35:41