Features of Chinese military recruits born after 2000

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Zhang Tao



Cannot sleep without cell phone

"Post-2000s" Yang Runyan had certain daily routines before he joined the army: playing mobile phone games and live-streaming. As many as 6,000 people would watch his live-streaming of playing mobile phone games and his fans would send him a lot of presents.

"Later, a live-streaming platform talked to me about cooperation.They would give me 2,000 yuan as long as I live-streamed four hours a day. I can forget to eat but I can never forget to do live-streaming," said Yang.

Fan Shisen, another "Post-2000s" new recruit, liked to play games, watch dramas and chat with friends on his phone.

"I never slept before 12 o'clock every night and never got up before 11 o'clock," Fan said. For him, the first thing to do after waking up was to use his phone to order delivery, and start a new day in various APPs on the phone. He is not tall but his weight had reached 95 kg.

After entering the military barracks, the first thing they had to do was hand over their phones. They can only get their phones back during their free time. They must go to bed at 10 o'clock every night and get up at 6 o'clock in the morning.

Their first week in the barracks was very tough. It was very difficult for them to fall asleep without phones. Yang remembered his mobile phone game while Fan was thinking of the take-away food he had always ordered. However, as the number of training subjects gradually increased, they became accustomed to the rhythm of military camps.

"Every day I am longing for the bed," said Yang. Ever since he was "isolated" from the world of mobile Internet, he’s able to fall asleep almost instantly on his bed. As for Fan, the routine military life has helped him lose 25 kg in three and a half months.

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