Chinese peacekeepers in S. Sudan expel armed militants


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Li Jiayao

JUBA, Jan. 8 (ChinaMil) -- "I am not afraid to face the muzzle because we are here to protect the land," said Yang Yongqiang, a platoon leader of the 3rd Infantry Company of the 4th Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to South Sudan, upon recalling the incident that happened a day ago.


On the afternoon of Jan 4, local time, Lieut. Yang and his men successfully expelled tens of armed militants from the weapon exclusion zone delimited by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

At about 4 p.m., Yang and 14 Chinese peacekeeping infantrymen were patrolling the restricted areas outside the UN House camp located in Juba, capital of South Sudan when two shots were heard from afar. The 15 Chinese peacekeepers spared no time driving their assault vehicle towards the direction from where the shots were fired.

当地时间1月4日下午,就是这位中尉军官,带领官兵成功处置了一起惊心动魄的突发事件。16时许,远处突然传来两声枪响,当时,杨永强正带领14名官兵在位于南苏丹首都朱巴的UN House营区外执行武器禁区巡逻任务。没有丝毫犹豫,15名官兵迅速登车朝着枪响的方向赶去。

"Fifteen unidentified people were found, fourteen were armed with rifles and one was armed with a pistol, and they were pursuing a civilian in the weapon exclusion zone," reported the No 5 guard post though the wireless intercom.


The UNMISS requires the peacekeepers on patrol duty should make sure that no armed personnel enters the weapon exclusion zone.


Yang and his patrol team arrived at the scene at 16:04. "I immediately negotiated with the armed militants and told them that they intruded into the weapon exclusion zone where no firearms were allowed," Yang recalled.

16时04分,杨永强率巡逻分队抵达事发地点。“下车后,我立即和武装人员交涉,告知他们这里是武器禁区,不允许持枪械进入。” 杨永强回忆说。

While Yang was negotiating with the fifteen militants, more armed men flocked towards them and in less than a minute, the number of unidentified militants reached thirty. They aimed their guns at the Chinese peacekeepers. A conflict might break out at any moment.


Yang and some peacekeepers made their utmost efforts to argue reasonably with the armed militants. Meanwhile, on the patrol team's assault vehicle and infantry fighting vehicle, the operators of heavy machine guns and cannons were in combat readiness.


"At the time of the confrontation, the armed militants kept carrying their loaded rifles and were hysterical. The situation was very likely to get out of control at any time," Yang said.


Eventually, under the mighty deterrence of the Chinese peacekeepers, the commander of the militants beckoned to his men to holster their weapons and said they would immediately leave the weapon exclusion zone.



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