China to further deepen national defense education with opening military facilities

Global Times
Zhang Tao

China plans to deepen national defense education into the whole of society, aiming to stimulate public enthusiasm and affection toward the Chinese military.

As a reaction to a campaign conducted in China's military aimed at promoting military culture, multiple activities will be conducted in the public and among students to strengthen national defense education, according to a notice released by the office on national defense education under the Ministry of National Defense, the Xinhua News Agency reported Monday.

Specialists in national defense education will give lectures and the public will be encouraged to carry out activities such as telling heroic stories. Students of colleges and universities will participate in speech contests under the theme of national defense.

A plan to open a military camp to the public is under discussion, according to the report. Some military units at the regiment or brigade level will be chosen as pilots.

It is expected that two to three nationwide military camp activities will be conducted during major festivals, Xinhua reported.

"The country has experienced a peaceful development period for more than 60 years and the national defense consciousness of the public, especially of young people, has been weakening," Li Daguang, a professor at the PLA National Defense University told the Global Times on Tuesday.

To promote national defense education in schools is important, he said. Activities such as national defense contests and campus trips are planned, Xinhua said.

"Such activities will benefit young people through improving their fitness and health, and it is also important to strengthen national defense consciousness of students at schools," Li said.

Revising the law on national defense education and adjusting the date of Nationwide National Defense Education Day are also included in the plan.

The current Nationwide National Defense Education Day is set on the third Saturday of September each year.


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