China is an important doer in safeguarding world peace and stability

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Yao Jianing

By Li Wanmei

BEIJING, March 1 (ChinaMil) -- With its rapid development and rising international status, China has become a model for safeguarding regional and world peace and stability and promoting the common development and prosperity of all countries. However, there are always people seeing China in their own ways, regarding China with the so-called "China Threat" theory from time to time.

But truth speaks for itself.

The diplomacy of a major country with Chinese characteristics has made an all-round effort against the changing international situation. In particular, China takes multilateral summits and home diplomacy as platforms to actively respond to the increasingly serious global challenges and gathers international consensus on safeguarding world peace and seeking common development.

By strategizing bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, China participates in and leads the global and regional governance, puts forward its initiative, sends out its voice, fulfils its responsibility and makes contribution to the world.

Facts have proved that China is an important doer of the world in safeguarding world peace, promoting global development and upholding international order.

China has emphasized the promotion of coordination and cooperation among major powers as well as the construction of a stable and balanced framework in terms of the relations between the major powers.

Over the past year, the leaders of China and the US have met on several occasions and made many phone calls and maintained close exchanges on major international and regional issues such as anti-terrorism and the Korean Peninsula issue. The four high-level dialogue mechanisms including the diplomatic and security dialogue have been carried out smoothly. The second round of talks will be held in due time this year.

The comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Russia continues to operate at a high level and the China-Russian relations have become an important cornerstone for safeguarding world peace, hosting fair and equitable treatment and advocating win-win cooperation.

President Xi's visit to Germany, Switzerland and Finland and meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Theresa May enriched and expanded the strategic connotation of the China-EU relations.

China adheres to the concept of forging sound relations through the principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness in deepening relations with neighboring countries.

China's development cannot be separated from the surrounding environment of peace, stability and cooperation. The rapid development of China has also brought about important cooperation opportunities for its neighboring countries.

In recent years, the Chinese dream and dream of living a prosperous life of people in China’s neighboring countries and prospects for regional development have become increasingly closer.

The awareness of a community of common destiny for all mankind has taken root in the neighboring countries. The traditional friendship between China and relevant countries has been further highlighted and the political mutual trust has been promoted, the pragmatic cooperation has been further expanded and the foundations for public opinion have been consolidated.

China adheres to the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith and upholds the values of friendship, justice and shared interests, and strengthens cooperation with developing countries.

The second ministerial meeting of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) reached a political consensus on jointly establishing "Belt and Road Initiative" and therefore opened a new chapter in the overall cooperation between China and Latin America. The Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) to be held later this year in China will plan a blueprint for cooperation between China and Africa.

When it comes to regional hotspots, one must uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and ensure equal and uniform application of the international law instead of selective application based on one’s own interests. China believes that we should decide our positions and policies based on the merits of individual affairs, and avoid factionalism and double standards.

The permanent representative of China to the UN said in the UN Security Council that the international community should support all Syrian parties in resolving the Syrian issue through dialogues and negotiations as soon as possible under the mediation of the UN.

China hopes that the two sides of the Korean Peninsula will improve their relations and strive to conduct direct dialogues between DPRK and the US or carry out a comprehensive dialogue to resolve the Korean Peninsula, as soon as possible. China hopes to conduct bilateral and multilateral exchanges and dialogues by lowering the threshold and taking synchronized and small steps.

China's position on denuclearization is consistent and clear. The denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula conforms to the common interests of all parties. The international community, including China, firmly and steadfastly supports this position.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will promote the building of a new type of international relations and the establishment of a community of common destiny for all mankind as the overall objective of China’s major country diplomacy in the new era.

China's proposal to build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security, and common prosperity has widespread resonance among the international community.

In today's world, various forces continue to confront each other. In the face of numerous grim challenges, China still remains an important and active global doer in bringing together positive energy.

(Anish Raj Vincent Pandey also contributed to the copyediting and proofreading of this article.)


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