Group 1 of China's 6th batch of peacekeepers to Mali return home

Li Jiayao
2019-05-21 01:55:07

JINAN, May 20 (Xinhua) -- The 205-member group one of China's sixth batch of peacekeeping force dispatched to Mali returned Sunday after completing a one-year UN-mandated mission in the western African nation.

With 395 members in total, China's sixth batch of peacekeeping forces to Mali was comprised of a 170-member guards unit, 155 sappers and 70 medical personnel.

Since their deployment to Mali last May, the Chinese peacekeepers have overcome difficulties, such as the harsh natural environment and the severe external situation, to complete their tasks with high standards.

According to authorities, the peacekeepers during the one-year mission handled 65 emergencies and won praise from the Malian government and local people, with all 395 members awarded the United Nations Peace Medals of Honor.

The group two of 190 people are scheduled to return on May 26.

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