Members of 21st Chinese Peacekeeping engineering contingent to Lebanon selected after assessment

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-06-22 16:48:23

BEIJING, June 22 -- The 21st Chinese peacekeeping engineering contingent to Lebanon held a phased assessment on June 20 for selection of qualified members of the contingent before leaving for Lebanon to perform peacekeeping missions.

The assessment consisted of operational tests of over 30 specialties including vehicle and mechanical engineering, driving, constructional engineering, cooking, electro-techniques and so on. A total of 200 members of the contingent will be selected from the soldiers who are gathering in a brigade under the PLA's 74th Group Army for intensified training starting from mid May.

The 21st Chinese peacekeeping engineering contingent to Lebanon will be deployed to its mission area in Lebanon in late July and middle August in two patches to conduct troop rotation and mission handover with the 20th Chinese peacekeeping engineering contingent and assume the one-year peacekeeping mission covering engineering construction, erecting Blue Line markers, and repairing of key infrastructures.

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