PLA blacklists, restricts rights of 20 soldiers who quit army

Global Times
Huang Panyue

Seventeen men who enlisted then quit the army have been sent home and blacklisted on China's social credit system, according to a notice released on Thursday that listed all their names and addresses.

The 17 men found they were unable to handle army life and tried to quit multiple times before being expelled, according to the notice released by the military recruitment office of Jilin city of Northeast China's Jilin Province on Thursday.

The 17 had their rights limited to travel abroad or work as government officials. The notice did not indicate what exactly were those limits.

Blacklisting will affect their ability to buy real estate and their travel rights including booking planes, high-class trains and star-rated hotels.

Three soldiers who refused to continue to serve in the army were also listed in a March 8 notice on the website of Hexian county in Anhui Province.

"Many of these young people are the only child in their family, growing up in gilded cages and unable to bear hardships," Li Daguang, a professor at the National Defense University in Beijing told the Global Times on Thursday. "As military discipline becomes stricter, training has become harder."

Education in national defense among young people should be strengthened, Li said. The army should improve the scientific quality of training and take soldiers' physical condition into consideration.


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