Chinese peacekeeping engineers complete construction of 10 new watchtowers


China Military Online
Li Jiayao

WAU, South Sudan, April 12 (Chinamil) -- Ten new type watchtowers built by the 8th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to South Sudan (Wau) for were put into use at the camp zone of the peacekeeping forces of the Sector West of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in Wau on Tuesday.


The old watchtowers with a small space, low eaves and poor defense had been used for more than ten years. In order to improve the security and defense capability of the peacekeeping forces' camp as soon as possible, the Chinese peacekeeping engineers completed the construction of all the 10 new watchtowers in less than one month.


The new type watchtower built by stacking two layers of containers is 8 meters high, 4 meters long and 4 meters wide with welded stairs and handrails and a metal sheet roof on the top. The protective cover in the watchtower consists of net cages filled with red clay.

新式岗楼采用两层集装箱堆叠,焊接楼梯与扶手,顶部搭建铁皮板屋檐,高8米,长4米,宽4米。 防护掩体由装满红土的网箱组成,不仅为哨兵提供广阔的观察视野,还可提供可靠的火力防护。

The "Chinese Quality" and "Chinese Standard" demonstrated by the Chinese engineers in the construction of the new watchtower once again won praises of the UNMISS.


Since the deployment to the mission area at the end of September last year, the 8th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment has completed multiple tasks including the 218 km Kuacjok-Wau-Tonj main-supply route (MSR) maintenance project.



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