Chinese peacekeeping troops in S. Sudan pass environmental assessment

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Yao Jianing
The UN inspectors assess the wastewater treatment in the camp of the 8th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to South Sudan (Wau). (

WAU, Apr. 16 (ChinaMil) -- The 8th Chinese peacekeeping engineers detachment to South Sudan (Wau) successfully passed the environmental assessment of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and received the “Green Camp” title on Apr. 12, local time.

The “Green Camp” assessment is an annual comprehensive assessment of the environmental conditions of the contributor troops’ camps. The environmental assessment has green, yellow and red levels. The “Green Camp” standard can be exempted from inspection for one year.

A UN inspection team conducted comprehensive inspection on domestic water management, wastewater management, general solid waste treatment, hazardous waste management, energy utilization, natural resource management and environmental protection of the Chinese peacekeeping engineers’ camp.

An onsite assessment was carried out and all assessments of the camp had reached the “Green Camp” standard.

The UN officials spoke highly of the clean and tidy camp of Chinese peacekeeping engineers. Inspector Yong Kuorwel said, “the Chinese peacekeeping camp has always been the highest standard camp in the UNMISS. Your meticulousness and excellence are worth everyone’s study, and the Chinese military is awesome.”

Since the deployment to the mission area at the end of September last year, the 8th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment has built more than 500 kilometers of roads of a major supply line. They have completed the construction of employees' base floor units, the UN garbage stations, the UN watchtowers, airport clearing, container lifting, employee base security housing, water transport and supply, street lamp maintenance, reinforcement of external protection facilities in the camp area, and defense facility renovations in the camp and other tasks.

The Chinese peacekeeping engineers have won praise from the UN and local people and effectively established a positive national image of China.

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