44th Chinese naval escort taskforce concludes visit to Kuwait

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2023-10-24 17:27:01

By Fang Sihang and Zhang Yuanhu

Chinese and Kuwaiti naval ships sail in formation during a joint exercise. (Photo by Ye Yujun)

KUWAIT, Oct. 24 -- The 44th Chinese naval escort taskforce concluded its goodwill visit to Kuwait and left Shuwaikh Port on October 22 local time.

During the visit, the Chinese sailors conducted extensive military, sports and cultural exchange activities with Kuwaiti counterparts. Hundreds of guests including representatives of the Kuwaiti military, staff of the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait, and overseas Chinese visited the Chinese naval ships.

After departing from the port, ships of the Chinese taskforce conducted a joint maritime exercise with Kuwaiti naval patrol craft Failaka in nearby waters.

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