US should rectify strategic perception of China, put right "first button" of China-US relations: Defense Spokesperson

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2024-06-14 17:20:22

BEIJING, June 14 --"We urge the US side to rectify its strategic perception of China, put right the 'first button' of China-US relations, and meet China halfway to push forward the state-to-state and mil-to-mil relations along the right track," said Chinese Defense Spokesperson Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang at a regular press briefing on Friday. 

It is reported that the US House Budget Committee announced its FY 2025 defense budget draft that included an extra USD 18 billion to be used to counter China and other near-peer adversaries. The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff lately said that the US' five major adversaries, including China, Russia and Iran, were very active and likely to combine forces. 

When being asked to comment on that, the spokesperson stated that fabricating imaginary enemies and stirring up bloc confrontation is an old trick of the US, which reveals its engrained Cold War mentality and hegemonic mindset. 

The spokesperson emphasized that China is strongly opposed to the US taking China as an "imaginary enemy" and using it as an excuse for its own various provocative and flagrant actions. 

The spokesperson also pointed out that China adheres to a path of peaceful development and a defense policy that is defensive in nature. China's development is not targeted at or posing a threat to any party. 

"The Chinese military actively implements the Global Security Initiative, has carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with the militaries of more than 150 countries, and has always been a staunch force in defending world peace," stressed the spokesperson.

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